Pest infestation can lead to businesses being closed and homes becoming uninhabitable. Everywhere has pests to deal with, but the most common pests in Scotland are our concern. We will help ensure any pest infestation is dealt with effectively and the impact is minimised. We deal with all kinds of different pest to suit your business’ needs, but here we’re first looking at the most common pests in Scotland.

Birds Top the Scottish Pests List

While there is no official register of what pests are found most regularly, there are some studies and informal research. Interior design brand Hillarys did some research into the most common British pests and found different result for different areas. The most common pests in Scotland were found to be birds. This may sound strange. When compared to rats or cockroaches, birds may not seem like a problem. But we know otherwise.

We’ve recently discussed our bird removal services and how important it is to deal with problem birds. They can cause a lot of damage and birds carry a number of diseases that can be harmful to our health. On top of this, their droppings are highly corrosive and can damage the structure of buildings, as well as looking awful.

There are laws protecting birds in Scotland which makes it even more important you invest in professional services to deal with their removal and deterrence. Ranking as the most common pests in Scotland means these problem birds are causing a real nuisance to businesses and individuals up and down the country.

Other Common Pests in Scotland

Many other types of pests are found in properties around the country. The most common types of infestation include cockroaches, ants, mites, bedbugs, silverfish, mice and rats. All types of pests pose their own potential risk, and they can:

  • Spread diseases
  • Damage the property and its content
  • Sting, bite or cause harm
  • Aggravate the respiratory system
  • Cause issues for people with asthma and eczema

Working with professionals is important to keep pests at bay. If you believe you have an infestation problem of any kind, then our expert teams can help. We work to find the source of the problem. We can also advise about and provide deterrents to minimise the risk of the pest problem returning.

Scottish business and property owners have to contend with pests on a regular basis. Even if your premises are kept in the best conditions, it isn’t always possible to keep pests out. That’s the moment to get in touch with Mitar Environmental Services and we’ll remove the problem for you.

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