Birds can be a significant public health risk. They can also damage property or cause a nuisance in several different ways. Wild birds can carry a range of diseases and they can attract other pests too, and the bird removal Fife residents and businesses can benefit from ensures bird removal is a safe and stress-free process. Bird control and bird removal options can be complex, which is why it is important to work with professionals, such as our team at Mitar Environmental Services.

Are Birds Officially Recognised as Pests?

All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, so it isn’t as simple as removing them. It is possible to obtain a license to control some species of bird but these licenses are regularly updated and changed. Working with us ensures you are always working on the right side of the law as our teams are well-versed in all pest-related legislation and control measure requirements. This also includes all information relating to nuisance birds.

In Scotland certain birds are more problematic and more likely to cause a nuisance than others. Feral pigeons, starlings, gulls, sparrows, and crows are amongst the most common we’re called out too. Sometimes wood pigeons, collared doves and house martins can cause issues too. There are a range of control options for handling birds which our team can help you with.

Problems Associated with Pest Birds

Pest birds cause a real nuisance. They can also be harmful to human health, and even property. Common bird-related issues include:

  • Bird droppings left can cause corrosion or damage to buildings
  • Droppings attract other pests including mites, fleas, moths and flies
  • Bird droppings contaminate water and other stored products
  • Bird calls, song and even squabbles can be disruptive and noisy
  • Droppings on footpaths and walkways can cause a slip hazard
  • Bird droppings quickly spread diseases which can be harmful to human health

Dealing with your bird problem effectively requires the help of the professionals. For the bird removal Fife residents need, Mitar are here.

Techniques and Control Methods for Bird Removal

Our experienced pest control experts deal with birds in a wide range of environments regularly. This includes many different species. We have a wide range of solutions and techniques for bird removal. After discussing your problem and assessing it, we can design and implement an effective bird control and deterrent system. This may incorporate netting, spikes, wires, laser deterrent and bioacoustic deterrent technology. The right solution for your premises will depend on a lot of factors but we’re here to work with you to design a system to suit your property.

Contact our team today to find out more about the bird removal Fife businesses and residents can invest in.