There is nothing worse than an infestation of pests on your business premises. To find the best pest deterrent and removal West Lothian businesses can explore a few options. Many business owners look for DIY methods before turning to the professionals. In most cases you will need to stop the pests at the source to have any peace, and this is difficult to do without professional help. There are many pest deterrent products on the market and while some are effective, they do not get to the root of the problem. Mitar Environmental Services at specialists in pest deterrent and removal in West Lothian. We help local businesses be freed from their pest problem for good. Let’s look at the most common pest groups and how we can help.


There are many types of insects that can negatively impact your business and cause serious harm to health. An insect infestation can be a serious environmental health problem and significantly impact your business’s reputation. Severe infestations can even force closure. Whether you have a problem with wasp’s nests or cockroaches in your professional kitchen, you must call in the professionals as soon as possible. Working with professional pest control means your problem can be dealt with efficiently and removed at the source. We can provide complete removal services and also provide many customers with effective pest deterrent equipment including electric fly killing units and strip curtains.


Rats and mice are a common problem in all kinds of businesses. In food and drink businesses, they can spell serious problems, but they are also not the kind of pest you want around residential properties either. Any business owner, whether landlord or restaurant manager, needs to find the right solution to their rodent infestation. Shop-bought traps and similar products may have a short-term effect but it’s always more effective if you turn to the professionals. Our teams are BPCA registered and have a wealth of knowledge in dealing with rodents on premises of all kinds.


We’ve discussed how problematic birds can be as pests before. They often cause serious health concerns due to the poisonous and harmful nature of their droppings. It’s important to remember all birds have protected status so you can’t simply remove them on your own terms. With professional help, you can find a solution which is both legal and suitable for your business. Bird deterrent systems can also be put in place to ensure the problem does not return.

Professional Pest Deterrent and Removal West Lothian

Mitar Environmental Services are the perfect partner for your West Lothian business. We work with you to get rid of the pest problem. We also provide deterrents and other support if you want to minimise the chance of the pests returning. Contact us today to find out more and discuss your options.

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay