January is usually the coldest month of the year in Scotland. However, this doesn’t mean we’re pest free during this time. People often associate pests with warm climates and the hotter summer days. Most pests are much more active when its warm, but this doesn’t mean they disappear in the colder months of the year. Many rodents and insects hibernate in the coldest months. Your premises could be just the place they need to stay warm for winter. Various pests will be quick to take advantage of any holes, gaps, or access points so it pays to be vigilant even when it seems like the pests have disappeared.

The most common winter pests you’ll spot across Scotland include:

Mice and Rats

We’ve discussed the real threat rats can pose to your business recently. The same can be said of mice and other rodents. Rodents often enter buildings during winter due to natural sources of food being hard to come by. Food-based businesses are at high risk from rodent infestation as they seek to find sources of food, as well as warmth. Mice and rats pose a real health hazard in any work environment. They are also destructive pests, and you may find damaged wires and other materials. Not only is this dangerous, but it can also be damaging to the structural integrity of your property. Working with professional pest control service providers like us can help ensure any access points are sealed and deterrents are in place.


Squirrels aren’t often thought of as pests like other creatures. However, if they get inside your business premises they can truly wreak havoc. Once again, these are creatures who love to gnaw and they are quite difficult to remove without professional guidance. Grey squirrels are not protected, but you cannot legally release them back into the wild. Red squirrels, on the other hand, are a protected special and it is illegal to destroy or damage any shelter they are using. This can prove a problem and professional support is always recommended when dealing with this kind of pest.

Flies and Cockroaches

Flies and cockroaches are rarely seen in the winter months, if you’re outdoors, but they can quickly become a real problem indoors. They are attracted to warm areas and once inside, they rapidly multiply and quickly become an infestation problem. Flies and cockroaches pose a significant hazard to health and can spell the end of your business’ operations especially in food and health related industries. They can quickly spread infectious diseases and must be dealt with swiftly by professionals.

Winter may seem like time when you can relax when it comes to pest management. However, it is important to keep these common winter pests in mind and remember, professional pest service providers like us are available all year round. Get in touch today to discuss your business’ needs.

Photo by Steve Douglas on Unsplash