There is nothing worse than finding evidence of rats on your premises. It can mean some interruption in their business operations as they deal with the infestation. Bringing in professionals to deal with pests is essential to ensure they do not return or cause future problems. Mitar Environmental Services provide rat removal services in Scotland as well as other pest control measures. The rat removal services Scotland’s business owners, landlords and homeowners require are available in our range of services.

Does my business have a rat problem?

Rats are usually only seen at night. Occasionally you may spot one in the day. Unfortunately, if you have one the chances are there will be more. If you are worried about a rat problem but haven’t spotted one yet, there are some clear signs of this kind of issue:

  1. Droppings: a tell-tale sign of any pest is its droppings. Rat droppings are dark brown and the size of a grain of rice. They are usually found in large volumes which makes them easy to identify.
  2. Movement: it may feel like you’re losing the plot, but if you hear strange movements around your premises. Rats can get into the fabric of a property so you may hear them moving about under the floorboards or in the walls.
  3. Bite marks: rats’ teeth are known to grow throughout their whole lifetime. They need the gnaw on objects constantly to keep their teeth files down so you may find bitemarks on everything from walls to floorboards.

If you recognise a problem with rats on your premises, then you need to act quickly. You don’t want your customers to spot a rat and report it, and even if they do, you need to be proactive and ensure you handle the problem before it causes a real health and safety concern.

How do we eradicate rats?

Professional rat removal services Scotland involve ensuring there is no evidence of rats left on your premises and deterrents are in place to stop them returning. Methods for removing rats include:

  • Special control and management surveys: we can carry out a detailed survey to identify the location of the rats and where they may be entering your premises.
  • Eradication and removal: we use a range of different methods to remove rats from your premises – we will select the right processes to deal with the infestation at your premises.
  • Proofing and deterrents – we block all access points so rats cannot return to your premises. Further proofing also minimises the risk of their return. There are also deterrent solutions to help ensure they are not likely to return.

Mitar Environmental Services – Rat Removal

Mitar Environmental Serivces provide a wide range of pest control services. We act quickly and provide effective rat removal for businesses around Scotland, ensuring the pests do not become a serious problem. Contact us today to discuss your business’ needs.

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