Summer is usually high season for pest control. However, the work does not stop in the winter and we often find there are more call outs for mice and rat problems in the colder months. Insect pests may no longer be a big concern, but rodents become the focus of winter pest control.

Rodents are usually able to live comfortably during the warmer months, with easy access to food and basic shelter. However, once the cold sets in, they need to look for warmth and shelter, whilst also finding food sources within people’s homes. Commercial property owners should think carefully about their winter pest control, as this type of property is often an ideal place for rodents to make their home.

Spotting signs of infestation

You may have clear evidence that you have a rodent problem or you many not be sure. Look out for these clues that rodents may have turned your business premises into their home:

1.      Damage to property

Rats and mice have a natural compulsion to chew on things. Therefore, evidence of gnawing or burrowing is often a sign of infestation. Be sure to thoroughly check warehouses or stock rooms for damage to packaging. Rodents often gather nesting materials from packaging. Food products are also prime targets for rodents. Therefore, any evidence of holes in food packaging or gnaw marks should be reported.

2.      Tracks and droppings

Rats and mice regularly leave clear evidence of their movements in dusty or unused areas of any business premises. You may spot footprints and tail swipes. Rodents often tend to use the same routes to and from their nests, which often results in smear marks as they move over surfaces. Similarly, all animals leave droppings and rodent droppings are very easy to spot.

3.      Nests

While finding a rat or mouse nest is not common, finding evidence of nesting is usually easier. Shredded materials such as paper or cardboard can be proof you have an issue with rodents. Thoroughly checking your premises for any signs of shredded material can help ascertain whether rodents are wreaking havoc.

Professional Winter Pest Control

Keeping your business tidy and organised can help minimise the risk of rodents turning it into their home. They need somewhere to hide and build their nests, so a properly clean and tidy premises will make this difficult. You can also ensure you regularly check your premises for evidence of pests so you can act quickly.

If you find a pest problem, get in touch with the experts. At Mitar Environmental Services we help many businesses deal with rodent problems at all times of the year. Get in touch and we’ll find a solution for you.