With over 180,000 people living in West Lothian, it’s fair to say we generate a lot of junk. Homes quickly become overcrowded with things we no longer want and when it’s time to move or consider clearing out an old property, bringing in the specialists is essential. We offer West Lothian house clearance services for businesses and homeowners across the area. This includes services for landlords whose properties may be left in a less than perfect state in between tenants. No clearance or cleaning job is too big or small.

There are many benefits to choosing professional West Lothian house clearance services including:

1.    Know your Budget

A professional service provider such as ourselves provides a quote. We can let you know the cost for the full clearance and any additional cleaning or other services you may need. We are upfront with our quotes, and you can budget accordingly.

2.    Save Time

Landlords in particular want their properties back ready for rent or for the sales market as quickly as possible. If your tenants have left a property in a terrible state and packed with their waste and junk, working with professionals like us is a quick and easy solution. We are professionals and carry out this kind of work every day. We clear out and remove all waste, so the property is ready for use.

3.    Minimise Unnecessary Landfill

Mitar Environmental Services will remove all waste and deal with it appropriately. If items can be recycled then we will ensure they do not end up in landfill. We will also appropriately deal with electrical equipment and other items which need specialist disposal.

4.    No Nasty Surprises

Professional cleaning and clearance service providers regularly deal with unsanitary and even hazardous materials. It’s part of our job. Extreme issues such as human waste, bodily fluids and sharps are just part of what we do and are handled and disposed of in a safe way to meet regulations and ensure your property is safe.

Our house clearance services are often provided alongside additional cleaning. Our cleaning services ensure any home or property is brought up to standard, fully disinfected and sanitised. It will be ready for any decoration and repairs you need before it is relet or you move in yourself, whatever the plans for the property are.

We provide our West Lothian house clearance services to individuals and businesses across the area. Contact us today to find out more about our services and arrange a quote.

Photo by Weiye Tan on Unsplash