Until birds because a problem on your premises, you may not have considered them pests. Many different species of bird in West Lothian could become a pest problem for your business and no businessowner wants their reputation impacted by pests. Birds of all species can potentially harm human health and you have a duty to ensure your customers are not impacted by pests. Our West Lothian bird control services ensure businesses in the area can quickly remove any bird problem and get on with their business. Furthermore, our experienced bird control teams can help ensure you have deterrents in place to avoid the problem returning.

What species of birds are considered pests?

Any bird that causes issues for your business is a pest. However, handling these pests must be done carefully. All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Removing them must be done in line with the law. Therefore, working with a professional partner guarantees no risk of breaking any laws.

You can choose to get your own specific licenses to allow for the control of birds. However, you may find you need to regularly update the licenses, and this can get expensive and difficult. Choosing to work with Mitar Environmental Services ensures you are working in line with the latest legislation..

Furthermore, our experienced teams understand and are well-versed in all relevant legislation and the latest pest control measures. This also includes specific information relating to birds, to guarantee they are dealt with legally.

What problems do birds cause for business?

A flock of birds or even a single one returning day after day can cause trouble for your business. They can damage your property and can be a threat to public health.

The most frequently occurring bird-related pest problems include:

  • The damage that bird droppings can cause – bird droppings can cause damage to your building. They can also contaminate water and other stored products, risking the spread of disease.
  • Trip hazard from droppings: they can also become a trip hazard if they land on footpaths or driveways.
  • Disruption due to noise: while birdsong can be enjoyable, if you experience loud constant noise from any species of bird it can be off-putting.

Bird problems should be dealt with quickly before they become an issue for your customers. As soon as you realise birds are causing a nuisance, call in the professionals to help remove and control them effectively.

West Lothian Bird Control Measures

We employ highly experienced pest control specialists who are used to dealing with all kinds of bird problem. They can help with business and residential bird problems. They use a wide range of legal and highly effective techniques to control and remove birds.

Our team will come for an initial appointment at your premises. They will fully asses the problem and design the correct bird control systems for your needs. There will also be deterrents provided if necessary and the technologies and equipment we use includes everything from spikes to wires to netting and bioacoustics.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the bird removal solutions available.

Image source: Pexels