West Lothian Council consider wasps at their worst from May to September each year so we’re at the heart of wasp season right now! The wasp nest removal West Lothian homes and businesses needs is easy with professional help from pest controllers like ourselves at Mitar Environmental Services. We can help with any problem, including wasps’ nests and work to ensure the pests don’t return as well ensuring they’re all removed.

We always recommend hiring professionals to deal with a wasp nest. However, plenty of people have their own approach and we’re taking a closer look at what NOT to do if you find a wasp’s nest in your garage or other part of your property.

1. Do NOT Burn Them

Burning wasps’ nests is a surprisingly common yet highly dangerous practice. Wasps’ nests are made from dead wood and so it is flammable but it won’t solve the problem and could cause any even more dangerous fire. The thinness of wasp’s nests means they quickly catch fire and it can spread very quickly. Furthermore, burning the nest does not necessarily rid you of the wasp problem. You may simply disturb the nest and leave them disorientated and even more likely to sting.

2. Do NOT Use Water

Water is another common tool used to fight wasps. Flooding a wasp nest is unfortunately just as ineffective as fire and you may end up causing significant damage to your home. Ceilings, plasterboards and other elements of your property can become saturated and you end up with an even bigger problem to deal with. Similarly, water may also aggravate the wasp colony and make them more likely to attack and sting.

3. Do NOT Physically Destroy the Nest

Whether using a baseball bat, a stick or any household item, attacking a wasp’s nest physically is never recommended. You are at significant risk of being hurt and the wasps are understandably going to be aggravated by this action. Not many people would take this DIY approach but believe us, it isn’t completely unheard of!

Professional Wasp Nest Removal West Lothian

If you find a wasp’s nest on your premises the best course of action is to bring in the professionals. It may seem like a straightforward job but pest controllers have the protection and experience to carry it out safely. Working with a professional team ensures the job is done quickly, efficiently and to the highest standard. The team ensures all wasps are gone and the problem is solved.

Mitar Environmental Services can deal with your wasp nest problem. We work with residential and commercial customers in West Lothian and across Scotland. Contact us today to find out more.

Image by Zdeněk Chalupský from Pixabay