The sting is what the wasp is best known for. As well as the fact they will sting even if not provoked. Wasp stings can be painful, and the wasp nest removal Scotland needs should come from professional service providers. Furthermore, some people are also allergic to wasp stings so the pain can be even intense and even cause serious health problems. Wasp nest removal is essential if you discover an unexpected volume of wasps around your premises, or perhaps spot the nest itself.

Wasp nest removal is not something most people should attempt alone. It can be dangerous and multiple stings can result in the need for a hospital visit. Mitar Environmental Services off wasp nest removal services across Scotland.

About Wasp Nests

Despite not having a great reputation, wasps are part of our ecosystem. They need to be removed from your premises in a safe way. Wasp nests can be home to up to 20,000 wasps and nests can be huge in size, even reaching the size of a small-sized car.

If you notice a large swarm of nests near your property but cannot locate the nest it is likely to be in a hidden area. Often, you will find wasp nests in sheds, inside cavity walls and loft spaces. They are crafted from a paper-like substance that the wasps make from chewed wood and saliva.

Avoiding Wasp Problems

If you want to avoid wasps on your property, then it is vital to keep cleanliness and hygiene as a high priority. Secure the property well and ensure you keep windows shut. However, if you need to open the windows then be sure to use flyscreens to keep wasps and other insects out.

You must also make sure your refuse area is kept completely clean. Bin lids must be fitted correctly, and food waste must be properly cleaned up and sealed. Sugar is a big draw for wasps so make sure any sugary spillages or residue is taken care of quickly.

Regular checking outbuildings and hidden spaces for wasp nests can also help ensure they are caught before they become a huge problem. They begin around the size of a golf ball but can quickly reach the size of a football or bigger.

Arranging Wasp Nest Removal Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services can provide wasp nest removal services across Scotland. We have professional experience in pest removal and specifically the safe removal of wasp nests. We can arrange your appointment to suit your business hours and try to minimise any disruption to your business activity. Contact us today to find out more.




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