Very few people claim to be a fan of wasps. They’re best known for stinging, causing a nuisance and having no qualms about using their sting simply because they can. Being stung by a wasp is not only painful, it can cause serious medical problems for people who are allergic. Many people don’t realise they are allergic until they are stung so any business owner worried about wasps or finding a wasp’s nest on their premises should act quickly, with professional support. Wasp nest removal in Scotland is one of the many pest control services we offer.

Wasp nest removal is not something most people should attempt alone. It can be dangerous and multiple stings. Even if you are not allergic, stings can result in the need for a hospital visit. Mitar Environmental Services offer wasp nest removal in Scotland.

Wasp Nests: A Feat of Engineering

While wasp nests are not something you want on your property, they are fascinating constructions. Furthermore, the work involved is impressive as the wasps use their saliva to paste together chewed up wood. The structures can be huge in size and the largest wasp nests can be home to as many as 20,000 wasps or even more. Wasp nests are often found in sheds, loft spaces and inside cavity walls. It is likely you’ll first see a swarm of wasps before you locate the nest.

Minimising the Risk of Wasps on your Premises

Wasps can and do make their nests in all kinds of locations. However, a clean an hygienic premises is much less likely to have an issue with wasps. If your properly is well secured and windows are shut then it should be harder for wasps to get in.

Clean premises and tidy refuse areas will also help to ensure wasps do not gather around your business. Bin lids should be fitted correctly, and food waste must be properly cleaned up and sealed. Sugar is a big draw for wasps so make sure any spillages or sugary residue is quickly cleaned.

If you have had a problem with wasps before then make sure you regularly check your premises for nests. The smallest wasp nests can be golf ball sized but they quickly reach much larger sizes and it is vital to bring in the professionals no matter the size of the nest in question.

Professional Wasp Nest Removal in Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services provide wasp nest removal in Scotland. We have significant experience in all areas of pest removal. This includes the safe removal of wasp nests. We can arrange your appointment to suit you, so contact us today to find out more.

Image source: Unsplash