As an employer, you have an obligation to protect your workforce. In the current climate, that means you must keep on top of Coronavirus cleaning. The Coronavirus cleaning West Lothian businesspeople invest in will help protect their business and ensure both employees and visitors to your business are safe.

Coronavirus can transfer from people to surfaces easily. It passes on when people touch the same surfaces. Take the time to ensure cleaning in the workplace is a priority for your business. It helps to make sure you meet the requirements necessary to call your business COVID secure.

Hygiene and Coronavirus Cleaning for West Lothian Businesses

All businesses should carry out individual risk assessments to see how they can improve their cleaning regime. There are some general elements of cleaning which will help ensure the Coronavirus cleaning West Lothian businesses offer is up to standard. Keep these cleaning tips in mind:

Managing High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surfaces in your workplace create the highest risk. Anything that is frequently touched needs to be closely monitored and cleaned regularly. You may ask employees to wipe down any highly used surface. You can also ensure your cleaning provider pays close attention to these areas too. The most common frequently touched workplace objects include:

  1. Surfaces such as desks and workstations
  2. Control panels including switches and control pads for machinery
  3. Vehicle handles, steering wheels and surfaces
  4. Sanitary areas including toilets, changing rooms, taps and sinks
  5. Computer keyboards, touch screens and monitors
  6. Shared equipment, including tools, machines and vehicles
  7. Kitchen equipment including taps, kettles, microwaves and fridges

Objects should be cleaned as often as is practicably possible and a focus for your commercial cleaning partner.

Deep Cleaning and Periodic Cleaning

Your professional cleaning partner should regularly organise deep cleans and their regular periodic cleaning schedule. Deep cleaning is more thorough and ensures all frequently touched surfaces and other areas.

Implementing Hygiene Best Practice

Training and regular announcements and information will help to show your employees how to act responsibly. They also lower the risk of Coronavirus spreading in your workplace by giving your employees the correct information on how to act. As an employer, you can also make changes to support best practices in hygiene, including:

  • Limiting the movement of people unless necessary
  • Minimising the need to touch surfaces or objects

Many organisations are also opting to remove touchscreens and other items which require unnecessary contact.

 Mitar Environmental Services: Coronavirus Cleaning West Lothian

Mitar Environmental Services offer Coronavirus cleaning for businesses across West Lothian. Our services include Coronavirus sanitisation on any scale you require. Get in touch today to find out more about what we can offer.

Image source: Pexels