Scotland has a large seagull population and while we can live in harmony with these sea birds, they can quickly become a problem if they nest in your business premises. Seagull infestations in Scotland are not uncommon in coastal areas and handing them effectively is essential to avoid them impacting your business reputation.

Mitar Environmental Services, we handle seagull infestations in Scotland with appropriate removal services. W

The Growing Seagull Population

Seagulls have developed and evolved to live comfortably in urban environments. Their adaptability owes itself to several contributing factors, including:

  1. Abundant Nesting Opportunities: The sheer volume and density of urban buildings provide secure nesting spaces.
  2. Warmth: Urban environments offer a consistent warmth that removes the need for migratory patterns.
  3. Plentiful Food Supply: Waste food and overflowing bins provide seagulls with a readily accessible and uninterrupted source of food.

Impact of Seagulls on Businesses

Seagulls can impact your business in many negative ways. If you’re dealing with an infestation this probably something you’re already aware of this but the main issues they cause include:

  1. Disruptive Noise: The calls of seagulls to each other can create excessive noise, causing disturbance to both employees and customers.
  2. Health and Safety Hazards: Droppings not only create an unpleasant appearance but also pose significant health and safety risks.
  3. Distress and Discomfort: Seagulls swooping towards people and animals can lead to discomfort and distress, potentially resulting in people avoiding your premises.
  4. Structural Damage: Nests in gutters, roofing, and other key parts of your building can lead to blockages and damage.

Seagull Control within the Law

It’s important to note that harming or killing seagulls is illegal. Taking matters into your own hands can have serious legal consequences. Working with professional pest controllers, such as our experienced team at Mitar Environmental Services ensures a safe and legal solution. Opting for self-resolution could be illegal and also risks providing temporary relief. Professional pest controllers ensure a comprehensive and permanent solution.

Proactive Measures: Preventing Seagull Infestations

Keep in mind these top tips for deterring seagulls:

  1. Cut down Food Sources: Seagulls are scavengers, therefore comprehensive clean-up of any food remnants is crucial.
  2. Secure Bins: Ensuring your bins have well-fitted and secure lids prevents seagulls from accessing food.
  3. Remove Nesting Materials: Dispose of potential nesting materials like loose cardboard and paper to discourage nesting.

Solve your Seagull Infestations in Scotland with Mitar

Mitar Environmental Services provide seagull control and removal services for business owners across Scotland. Our experience means we have a tried-and-tested solution for your problem and can quickly set to work. Contact us today to book an appointment and say goodbye to your seagull problem.