Gulls start nesting in March / April and normally have live chicks by around June.

It’s never too early to plan bird management on your site.  As always, any bird control must be done within the law and Nature Scotland have been working hard to help us.

Nature Scotland has just launched an online licence application system and the good news is that it works very well.  The licencing team have always been knowledgeable and helpful, and now they have the online system to help us.

The new online system enables applications to be made easily and quickly and the response times from Nature Scotland have been excellent.

The new system is easier to work with, but it doesn’t change the process.  Licencing is constantly under review and any action taken against wild animals must be justified, appropriate and legal.

Many people assume that you can’t do anything about gulls, and more worrying, many people think you can do anything you want about gulls!

If you’re experiencing gull problems, speak to us and we’ll be able to give you guidance.  There are lots of solutions available that do not require a licence and we can also assist with these.

Regardless of what issues you are experiencing, time is crucial, and it is always best to plan any works to minimise the risk to the wild birds.

The Nature Scotland website provides lots of information on licensing, bird species, etc.

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