Seagull Control in Scotland

Seagull Control in Scotland With Mitar

Urban seagulls have become a significant pest problem in cities across Scotland.

Knowing how to appropriately deal with seagull control in Scotland can be difficult for the average person. Whether a residential or commercial problem, seagulls can cause a real problem if not dealt with properly.

At Mitar Enviro we specialise in pest management, including seagull control in Scotland.

Wild Bird Protection

All wild birds in Scotland are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Many actions against birds, including their eggs and nests, are illegal. This makes it even more important to work with professionals when handling a seagull pest problem.

It is against the law to capture, injure or destroy any wild bird or interfere with its nest or eggs. The penalties for committing any offence can be significant. It is not worth risking your business or the potential penalties when you could bring in experts who will legally deal with the problem for you.

There are some particular circumstances, such as protecting public health and safety, where authorised people can carry out actions necessary to remove problem birds. Some businesses are particularly at risk of attracting seagulls so before considering removal, it’s worth thinking about seagull prevention.

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Seagull Prevention

Flocks of gulls can quickly feel at home on any given property or around certain types of business and discouraging them is the first step in seagull control. Key prevention and deterrent tips include:

  • Minimise food sources by keeping your business premises clean, bins safely covered and no food scraps anywhere.
  • Ensure all bins have securely fitted lids to prevent gulls from feeding from their contents.
  • Minimise nest building materials by keeping on top of cleaning even garden waste and similar debris

Seagull Control Services In Scotland

Reliable seagull control in Scotland relies upon the expertise and knowledge of professionals such as our team. Our experienced pest control experts utilise a range of deterrent and removal tactics to ensure your premises is free of gulls.

Our team will assess the problem and offer a range of solutions. Sometimes we may be able to remove the problem instantly in a single visit, while other cases may require several visits to fully ensure the pests are gone for good. Businesses such as restaurants, food stores and cafes need to be extra vigilant when it comes to ensuring waste is properly managed to avoid the pests returning.

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Mitar Enviro can provide seagull control to businesses and homeowners across Scotland.

Our range of services covers many pests and we can assess your premises needs and ensure any gull problem is dealt with effectively. Contact us today to book an appointment.