At Mitar Environmental Services, we specialise in pest management, including seagull control in Scotland. Seagulls can become a serious problem if they continue to circle and surround your premises and they can present a hazard to health. The problem with gull control, is the protected status of birds in Scotland and how important it is to be careful and work with professionals for their removal.

Seagull Protection in Scotland

The Scottish Wildlife Trust asserts there is no such thing as a “seagull” specifically, there are in fact six different common types of gulls found in Scotland. They are: black-headed gulls, herring gulls, common gulls, lesser black-backed gulls, kittiwakes and great black-backed gulls.

All wild birds in Scotland have protected status. Gulls, nests and eggs have protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act (WCA) 1981 and the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. This means it is illegal to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure, or take any gull. It is also an offence to take, damage, or destroy an active nest, or its contents. In Scotland it is also illegal to also obstruct or prevent gulls from using their nest. Penalties can be significant. You may receive a fine of up to £5000. You may also receive a prison sentence.

Seagulls as a Hazard to Health

Large numbers of gulls may cause a nuisance on your premises. The noise alone can deter customers and put them off visiting your business. Consequently, your profits suffer. Furthermore, their droppings have the potential to cause serious health hazards.

Seagull droppings can easily contaminate food and water. There are also documented cases of the birds carrying and spreading dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Therefore it is important to find appropriate seagull control in Scotland to avoid the problem becoming significant or causing health concerns.


Preventative Measures to Deter Gulls

Seagulls are recognised scavengers. If there is even a scrap of food or waste on your premises, they will find it. Therefore, cleanliness and tidiness are vital for preventing gulls from becoming pests on your premises. Keeping your business premises clean, bins safely covered and no food scraps anywhere will help to deter gulls.

Seagull Control in Scotland

As specialist pest controllers, we have a range of legal and compliant means for seagull control in Scotland. We can quickly and efficiently deal with removing seagulls from your property, ensuring they are no longer a problem and do not return. Our methods are dependent on the problem in hand and we will work with you to find a solution to the gull problem at your premises.

Similarly, we often find seagulls are a persistent pest so will look to provide deterrents as well as removal services. Contact us today to discuss your seagull problem and discuss the ways we can help.

Image source: Unsplash