A dangerous aspect of clearance and cleaning work is sharps removal. Safe sharps disposal in Scotland could be necessary at many different types of business premises. Safe sharps removal is also essential if a property has been left abandoned or derelict and there is a risk of stray needles inside.

Needles and sharps removal must be handled with care. It can be extremely dangerous if they are not handled correctly, and our expert teams ensure all sharps are dealt with safely and in accordance with the law. In addition, Mitar Environmental Services employees are trained to handle hazardous waste and safely remove any sharps as required.

Defining Sharps

Sharps is the term used to refer to any sharp device with pointed edges or sides which could cause punctures or cuts. In most instances, sharps are needles, but they can also be syringes, lancets, broken blades, scissors and even smashed glass and crockery. Safe sharps disposal in Scotland is covered by UK health and safety legislation. However, they pose a high risk of infection, so they must be dealt with very carefully. When sharps are contaminated with blood or any other bodily fluid, they are considered biohazardous and require even close care and attention.

Safe Removal and Disposal Services

Our employees work carefully if they believe there could be discarded sharps in a clearance job or something similar. All employees wear appropriate PPE and work carefully to remove hazardous items and ensure they are disposed of correctly. Sharps are placed within a specialist sharps bin, which is then collected and destroyed at a licensed provider location. There are different types of sharps bins to suit different environments and for different purposes. Yellow-lidded containers are the most common and used for medical sharps such as syringes. Hospitals are the most common place you will see other kinds of sharps bins, as the medical waste produced varies significantly and needs to be handled with care.

As part of our cleaning service, we ensure that any area we find contaminated sharps is properly disinfected and made fit for use. In addition, there are strict and structured guidelines for handling dangerous biohazardous waste. Professionals in the industry such as ourselves abide by these regulations closely.

Upholding Health and Safety Standards

Mitar Environmental Services specialise in hygiene, cleaning and pest control services. This includes handling dangerous waste in some instances, including safe sharps disposal. Our teams are highly qualified, experienced and ready to help in any environment our services are needed. Get in touch today to arrange a quote.

Photo by Hennie Stander on Unsplash