Finding rodents or evidence of rodents on your business premises can be worrying. Some businesses have to close their doors. Some may also feel the impact of reputation damage if any customers find out. The high-quality rodent control Scotland needs is available from Mitar Environmental Services. We work  with you to remove and prevent

Do you need to call rodent control?

The most common pest rodents are rats and mice. Both types tend to come out at night, and you rarely spot them during the day. However or even a customer does spot a rat or a mouse, there are likely to be more nearby. If you have concerns about rodents on your premises but aren’t sure, look out for these signs:

  • Droppings –Rat and mouse droppings are instantly recognisable and are often found in large piles, making them easy to identify.
  • Bite and gnaw marks – both rats and mice chew and gnaw. You may find small toothmarks and evidence of gnawing on walls, floorboards and through wiring.
  • Movement and unusual sounds – rats and mice get everywhere, including between walls. Unusual scurrying or scratching sounds you can’t identify could prove a rodent problem.

Act quickly as soon as you find evidence of a rat or mouse. Mitar Environmental Services are available to help with any rodent control problem in Scottish businesses. They will work with you to ensure the pests do not return once removed.

How to control and deter rodents

Rodent control involves some different processes and products. We ensure no evidence of rats left on your premises and can provide deterrents to help ensure the problem does not return. Firstly, we may use include specialist control and management surveys. These surveys detail your premises closely to identify entry points for rodents. Secondly, we’ll look to eradicate the rodent problem. We select the most appropriate method for your business. Finally, we will check your premises again, consider deterrents and block access points to minimise the problem returning.

Best practice on your premises is also essential. You may want to double-check your appropriate waste storage to avoid rodents returning and be vigilant of any evidence of pests.

Mitar Environmental Services for Rodent Control Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services specialise in pest control across Scotland. We can help with rodent problems of any size. We choose pest control products to suit your business and will also include deterrents where necessary. Get in touch today before your rodent problem becomes significant.