At Mitar Environmental Services, we specialise in pest management, including seagull control in Scotland. Removing seagulls from your Scottish property should involve professionals like our team, so you do not fall foul of the law around birds in Scotland.

All wild birds in Scotland have protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Many actions against birds, including their eggs and nests, are illegal. As specialists in pest control, we have experience in removing seagulls in legal and compliant ways. We can ensure you do not contravene any legislation.

Seagulls and Public Health

Seagulls themselves may cause a nuisance on your premises. The noise alone can be off-putting and not something any commercial business will be happy about. Furthermore, their droppings have the potential to cause serious health hazards.

Seagull droppings can easily contaminate food and water. There are also documented cases of the birds carrying and spreading dangerous antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Therefore, seagulls around your premises, whether commercial or simply at home, are not something you want to encourage. Finding a safe and effective way to remove them is the best option to protect your health and others.

Prevents Seagulls on your Property

Seagulls are well-known scavengers. Where there is even a scrap of food or waste for them to grab, they’ll go for it. Therefore, cleanliness and tidiness are paramount to preventing seagulls from becoming pests. Minimise food sources by keeping your business premises clean, bins safely covered and no food scraps anywhere. Bins should be fully covered with sealed lids. You should also consider whether your premises has anything surrounding it that could be regarded as nest-building material.

If you already have a gull problem, then preventative tips won’t work independently, and it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Seagull Control Services in Scotland

At Mitar Environmental Services, we offer a wide range of deterrent and removal measures to help with pest problems. For example, we can quickly and efficiently deal with removing seagulls from your property, ensuring they are no longer a problem.

Our methods vary depending on the situation, and you may find our teams come out on more than one visit to your property. This is so they can deal with the problem fully. Seagulls can be extremely persistent, and we can provide deterrent products as well as to ensure they do not return. It can be an ongoing process, but we’re here to help whenever you need us.

Our range of services covers many pests and we can assess your premises needs and ensure any gull problem is dealt with effectively. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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