Once you spot a single rat on your premises, or even evidence of rats, it’s time to act. Finding a reliable rat removal company in Scotland ensures your rat problem is quickly dealt with. As soon as you see evidence of rats or rodents you must act. You do not want the problem to become serious and you do not want your customers to realise there is a problem.

Why are rats such a problem?

Rats are obviously unpleasant and no one wants them on their premises, but what harm do they cause? Rats often carry diseases and can spread disease, impact public health and contaminate food. They can also cause damage to your property  through gnawing metal, pipes and floorboards. They may even take up residence in soft materials.

Rat droppings are a huge public health problem and pathogens in their urine and droppings can contaminate food and your premises.

Identifying a rat problem

There are signs of rat infestation even if you have not seen one. They have the strength to chew through all kinds of material so if you see gnaw marks in metal or even glass, chances are there is a resident rat. Other signs of an infestation include hearing scratching sounds within the building, rub marks on surfaces they have contact with, such as gaps, corners and holes which may have been squeezed through. You may also find evidence of damage to food packaging or droppings.

Rat control services

We work quickly to help any client who contacts us with concerns about a rat problem. Our pest controllers your will survey your property to confirm a rat problem. We will assess the infestation and provide solutions and recommendations to suit your needs. Our teams work to remove all rats and can provide guidance on deterrents and preventative practices.

Rat proofing services may include filling holes and gaps in your building. You may also need to consider your storage and waste disposal solutions to minimise any risk of rats returning.

Book a Rat Removal Company in Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services is a reliable rat removal company in Scotland. We work with businesses across Scotland to ensure any pest problem is dealt with quickly. Contact us today to discuss your rat problem and we’ll arrange an appointment ASAP.


Photo by Denitsa Kireva: https://www.pexels.com/photo/close-up-shot-of-a-brown-rodent-5774176/