Pest infestation is a problem for any business, but how serious can it be? A pest problem can seem minor but it can result in significant damage to your business in a number of ways. Acting quickly can help minimise the impact of a pest problem but it will not be enough alone. Below we’re looking at the three main ways pests can cause damage to your business.

Damage to human health

Pests have the potential to harm human health and they can significantly increase the risk of health and hygiene problems at your place of business. Whether its impacting your employees or your customers, pests can and do damage people’s health. Some pests, such as wasps, can physically cause harm, while others carry diseases and can spread germs and bacteria around your business. Pest infestations can lead to legal problems for your business and can result in it being shut down, if not dealt with effectively. They can spread disease, bacteria and you need to act quickly to avoid this.

Damage to property and stock

Pests can and will destroy your stock and goods on your business premises. Some pests can even impact and damage the infrastructure of your buildings, chewing wires and possibly damaging brickwork. Rats and mice can easily gnaw through wood and plastic, some will even make their way through cement and some metals. Birds nesting in your roof can also result in severe damaging which can become very expensive. Similarly, if pests get into your stock or merchandise it becomes unsellable and you’re once again losing out on potential profits.

Damage to your reputation

Damage to your stock or property can be fixed. Yes, it may be expensive but it isn’t unrecoverable. Significant damage to your business reputation is not as easily repaired. Therefore, you need to ensure any pest issue is dealt with quickly and transparently. If your customers spot pests it won’t be long before the news spreads, so it simply isn’t an issue you can leave to chance and hope no one notices. Any evidence of pests on your property should be quickly investigated and you should act to deal with it.

Professional Help for your Pest Problem

Mitar Environmental Services employs a team of highly experienced pest controllers. We can visit your premises at a time that suits your business and deal with any type of pest or infestation. Get in touch today to see how we can help.