Pest management is a consideration for all businesses and it’s not unusual to have to deal with a pest problem at some point in your business life. Mitar Environmental Services provide pest control in West Lothian and in other areas of Scotland. We are members of the British Pest Control Association and can help ensure your business is not plagued with a pest problem for too long.

Why choose Mitar Environmental Services?

We provide professional pest control in West Lothian and across Scotland. Choosing to work with us comes with many benefits including:


We know just how important it is to act quickly once you’ve discovered a pest problem on your premises. Once you get in touch, our expert pest controllers will arrange a suitable time to attend your property and get t work.


Our team is highly experienced in working in all aspects of pest control. We are also used to handling a wide range of pests. Furthermore, we can help ensure the issue does not return by providing and recommending preventative and deterrent measures too.

Our services are all carried out in line with requirements for safe and legal pest control.

Types of Pest Control

Many different types of pest can become a problem for your business. We always recommend hiring professionals to help to ensure your pest removal is safe and legal. Furthermore, our teams are trained to both remove the problem and prevent it from returning. Let’s look more closely at the pests that may trouble your West Lothian business.


Rats and mice are more common than you might think. Once you spot one, you can be sure others will arrive soon and they can significantly harm your business. They can cause a serious public health problem and you must arrange rodent control quickly to avoid it becoming a problem that impacts your business.


All kinds of insects can become a problem for residential and business properties. From cockroaches to wasp’s nests, insects can both cause a nuisance and harm to human health. Our range of services include removal and also providing deterrents and control measures such as fly screens.


You have to be extra careful when handling a bird pest problem. Birds are protected by law so control must be very carefully managed. Our experts can provide bird control services as well as support your business in minimising the risk of any problem reoccurring.

Book Pest Control in West Lothian Today

Mitar Environmental Services has professional pest controllers available to help your business with any size of problem. From single wasp nest removal to large infestations, just get in touch to arrange an appointment.

Image source: Pexels