Pest control should be a significant concern for all businesses in the hospitality sector. Pest management should not be something you panic over. However, it should be a top priority to keep your business safe and not at risk from pest problems. Good hygiene should be of critical importance to your business and good pest control in hospitality is a key element of good hygiene. Let’s look more closely at the key areas of legislation you need to keep in mind in the hospitality sector. Pest control in hospitality simply cannot be an afterthought.

Food hygiene

Most businesses in the hospitality sector sell food and drink. All businesses selling or serving food must ensure they take appropriate measures to prevent contamination by pests.

The most relevant legislation relating to food hygiene includes the Food Standards Act 1990 and the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations. These regulations provide a framework regarding pest control in food premises. This includes providing covered food waste containers and bins. It also means ensuring storage is appropriate to avoid food products too close to the ground and accessible to pests.

Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP)

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point principle exists to provide guidance for procedures to prevent contamination. HACCP is a method for defining and managing food safety hazards. It helps to ensure the right measures are put in place.

Food safety legislation in the UK requires hospitality businesses to implement HACCP principles in the workplace and it includes things such as:

  • Regular monitoring for signs of pests and situations which may attract or increase risk of pests
  • Taking pest control action rapidly, removing the source of infestation
  • Recording any incidents of pest activity or infestations and the measures in place to avoid it occurring again.

HACCP in action in your business means actions such as ensuring stock and ingredients are kept in safe conditions to minimise the risk of pest contamination. Food must be stored, handles and prepared in a way which prevents pests accessing it.

Pest Control in Hospitality

In the event of a pest problem in your business, it is vital you act quickly and work with qualified professionals to quickly remove the problem. Pest control specialists like our teams work daily in dealing with every kind of pest. We will work with you to both eradicate the problem and prevent it occurring again. Pest deterrents can be as vital as control for ensuring the problem does not become severe.

Get in touch today to discuss your pest control needs and our team will be here to help.

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