Pest management is a critical consideration for all businesses. Dealing with pest problems is not an uncommon challenge in the business lifecycle and while you may not have considered pests becoming a problem in your business, it is important to have an action plan if you experience an infestation.

Mitar Environmental Services is a highly experienced pest control and environmental services company, offering our services in Broxburn. We provide pest control in Broxburn West Lothian, allowing businesses to operate without interruption and minimising the risk of reputational damage from pests.

Why Choose Mitar Environmental Services?

Many organisations offer pest control or may be considering managing the problem yourself. However, finding professional pest control in Broxburn West Lothian ensures that your business benefits from an effective solution. Here are our top reasons we think you should choose to work with us:

Speedy Solutions

Recognising the urgency of addressing pest issues, we act quickly for every customer. Upon contacting us, our expert pest controllers will schedule a suitable time to attend to your property and commence work. We will fully assess the situation and provide the most fitting solution for each pest problem.

Unparalleled Experience

Our highly experienced team specialises in all elements of pest control, handling a wide range of common pests. Additionally, we go beyond problem resolution by recommending and implementing preventative and deterrent measures to ensure a lasting solution. All our services adhere to the requirements for safe and legal pest control.

Types of Pest Control


Rats and mice are more prevalent than you might anticipate. Swift action is essential for preventing these pests from causing serious damage to your business and becoming a public health concern.


From cockroaches to wasp nests, insects can pose both a nuisance and health risks to your business. Our comprehensive services include removal and the implementation of deterrents and control measures including fly screens and zappers.


Handling bird pest problems requires professional management due to legal protections on all species of bird. Our experts provide bird control services, ensuring compliance with the law. We can also help to ensure the problem does not return with recommendations for deterrent measures.

Appointments for Pest Control in Broxburn West Lothian Today

Mitar Environmental Services has a team of professional pest controllers ready to assist your business with any pest-related challenges. Whether it’s a single wasp nest or a large infestation, simply get in touch to arrange an appointment and see the back of your pest problem.