Pest control is a consideration for all businesses. Some areas are more prone to pests, as are some types of business, but all business owners should have an awareness of the problem. A reliable pest control company in Scotland will work with you to handle any size of pest problem. Mitar Environmental Services provide pest control to businesses across Scotland. We have many years of experience supporting business owners with significant pest problems involving many types of pests.

Let’s explore the attributes you should look for in a reliable pest control company in Scotland.


Most business owners want to work with an experienced pest control partner. Furthermore, you may also want to find someone specialising in a particular type of pest, especially if it is unusual or uncommon. Mitar Environmental Services have provided high-quality pest control for many years. We started offering pest control in 2003 and have built many years of experience dealing with almost every kind of pest you can imagine. We work efficiently to ensure our customers are pest free as quickly as possible.

Professional Memberships

Once you’ve found a pest control company in Scotland, you must check out their accreditations and professional memberships. There are governing bodies that accredit companies in pest control. In the UK, you should look for a company member of the British Pest Control Association. Mitar Environmental Services are a member of the BPCA. CEPA, the European pest management services trade association, has also provided us with accreditation.

Recommendations and Reviews

Word-of-mouth recommendations are one of the most powerful ways for companies to attract more business. If you have friends, colleagues or business partners who have dealt with a pest problem, ask who they used and consider them for your business. Furthermore, you can explore online reviews and ask for recommendations on online platforms and social media. Many pest control businesses have Google reviews, they may use Facebook or they may be setup on Trustpilot. These are all useful resources to help give you a true picture of the business you are considering.

Choosing a Pest Control Company in Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services are a leading pest control company in Scotland. We are efficient, quick and always ensure the pest problem is eradicated before the job is complete. Contact us and we can support you with prevention and deterrents as well as removing any pest problem. We work with clients around Scotland. Simply get in touch today to find out more.