Controlling seagulls is becoming more important for businesses around Scotland. Seagulls no longer seem to be limited simply to coastal areas and urban seagulls have become a serious problem. At Mitar Environmental Services we provide the seagull removal Scotland needs. Seagulls are fascinating creatures that have adapted to the modern, urban world but they are also pests and not something you want in or around your business.

Why have seagulls done so well in the modern world?

Seagulls success in adapting is due to a number of factors including:

  1. Volume and density of buildings create safe nesting spaces away from predators
  2. The warmth of urban areas means gulls no longer need to migrate
  3. Waste food and overflowing bins means seagulls have an instant supply of food

Seagulls are a problem for any business and something you need to deal with swiftly. They can impact your business in various negative ways including:

  • Excessive noise as they call to each other
  • Dropping build up and cause a health and safety hazard
  • Swooping at people and animals can cause discomfort and fear
  • Nests blocking gutters, gas flues and more

What does the law say about seagull control?

It is illegal to harm or kill seagulls. You simply cannot take the law into your own hands on this matter. If you have a seagull problem it is imperative you call professional pest controllers like our experienced team. If you choose the solve the issue yourself you could fall foul of the law and end up in serious trouble. Furthermore, professional pest controllers will ensure your seagull problem is dealt with permanently and not provide a quick fix.

How to prevent seagulls

Preventative measures can help ensure seagulls do not become a problem in the first place. It’s especially important to consider prevention methods if you have had a problem with seagulls in the past. Here are some top tips for keeping gulls away from your property:

  1. Minimise all food sources, seagulls are scavengers and will find any scrap of food not cleaned up
  2. Ensure all bins have fitted and secure lids so seagulls cannot swoop for food
  3. Clean up any debris and potential nesting materials, with no loose cardboard, paper and other materials left out

Seagull Removal Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services provides seagull removal to businesses across Scotland. Our experience in seagull and pest control ensures the problem is swiftly dealt with. We utilise only certified pest control methods and can also provide guidance for preventing the return of any gulls to your business premises.

Get in touch today to discuss your seagull problem.

Photo by Engin Akyurt: