Help with hoarding and house clearances in Scotland

House clearances in Scotland can be for landlords, homeowners, local councils and individuals. We find many clearances are due to bereavement but can also be when tenants move on too. The most extreme house clearance projects are often as a result of hoarding. We recognise and understand the significance of hoarding disorder and will always work with individuals to make the house clearance process as stress-free as possible.

What is hoarding disorder?

The mental health charity Mind explain that hoarding disorder is a mental health problem that you can get an official diagnosis for. It can also be a symptom of other conditions. Hoarding refers to having so much property and things in your home that you cannot live comfortably. You may find it impossible to throw things away and hoarding can influence day-to-day life and even result in people feeling unable to leave their home.

We do not dismiss hoarding disorder as something that can be remedied with a quick clean. While we provide house clearance services we can do so with guidance to ensure the process isn’t too stressful or dramatic.

House Clearances in Scotland

There are many reasons you could need house clearance services. As a landlord you may want to move back into your property or prepare it for new tenants. As a homeowner you may struggle with hoarding disorder and want your home back its best. Finally, we also help relatives who may need to clear a property after death.

Working with professional house cleaners means the job is handled sensitively and effectively to the highest levels. Professional cleaning and clearance service providers regularly deal with unsanitary and even hazardous materials. It’s part of our job. Extreme issues such as human waste, bodily fluids and sharps are just another necessary task. We handle and dispose of all hazardous materials in a safe way.

Many of our customers invest in additional cleaning services, not just clearance. Our professionals can return a property to its best, ready for refurbishment and redecoration.

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