Scotland is home to some fantastic examples of graffiti art, but where do you stand from a legal perspective in your business? If your business is vandalised, then it is understandable you want to deal with the issue. In Scotland graffiti is treated as an act of vandalism and prosecuted under the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995. We can provide the graffiti removal Scotland and its businesses need and in the instance that you believe there’s a work of art in place, it may be worth speaking to the authorities.

Professional graffiti removal services ensure your business always looks its best and presents the best image to your customers. Let’s look more closely at the top reason to turn to the professionals.

1.      Quick, Reactive Service

Contact our team about graffiti and we will work quickly to remove it. As specialists in graffiti cleaning, we have the right tools and products to quickly complete the job. The alternative is spending hours of your time scrubbing at the vandalism, probably not getting very far. Or you could leave it, but this will obviously impact how people view your business. Quick, efficient cleaning ensures your premises is back to its best very quickly.

2.      Protect your Building

When we visit your premises to assess the graffiti, we’ll also be sure to check your building’s structure and materials. We make sure to use the appropriate chemicals and cleaning methods. This ensures your building is not negatively impacted by unsuitable chemicals and we remove the paint without damaging the exterior of your premises. We know the right products for every kind of surface.

3.      Keep Costs Manageable

You know that working with professionals comes at a price but the results are worth it. We work quickly and efficiently to solve the problem and ensure you have no lasting damage from the graffiti.  If you try to clean the graffiti yourself could end up with more damage and you may need additional help, with an additional cost, before the problem is fixed. Working with a professional graffiti cleaning service ensures the issue is dealt with. Furthermore, our prices are transparent and you will know what you are paying before the work begins.

4.      Protect your Business Reputation

If you don’t act quickly after an act of vandalism it sends a negative impression to your community. Acting quickly to remove graffiti sends a positive message to customers and your local community too. Bringing in the professionals shows you have no tolerance for anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Mitar Environmental Services provide reactive graffiti removal Scotland can benefit from. We ensure businesses can quickly return to their usual appearance and we work to keep business disruption to a minimum. Get in touch today to discuss your graffiti problem.

Image source: Unsplash