Mitar Environmental Services are professional providers of a wide range of services to businesses across Scotland. The environmental services Scotland needs vary from business to business and residence to residence. We have specialised in environmental services since 2003 and this includes a wide range of different offerings to suit commercial and residential customers.

We are a family run business, based in the Central Belt of Scotland, are now considered one of the leading service companies in the UK. Whether you need a pest management service, waste management service or specialist hygiene service, we have the knowledge and expertise to guarantee a safe and effective solution.

We are members of the BPCA and accredited by both CEPA & Safe Contractor. Bureau Veritas also audits our work and we have been compliant for many years.

Commercial and Residential Services Scotland

Our services are always tailored to the individual client needs and we work with you to solve your problem quickly and effectively. We offer:

Pest Control

Our pest control services are suitable for commercial and residential customers. We can help handle a mouse or rat problem, or deal with wasp nests or ant infestations. Our services include removal of any pests but also full assessment of the property. We also deal with all entry points and ensure the pests cannot return. Our range of pest control measures also includes deterrents.


If vandals target your business with graffiti, it can quickly damage your reputation. Our professional teams have experience in handling all kinds of vandalism and graffiti. They use the most effective cleaning agents and can work safely on historic buildings where extra care is vital. Furthermore, our professionals work sensitively on buildings where you need to maintain the original features and appearance.

Property Clearance and Cleaning

Once a property falls into disrepair and is no longer in use, the cleaning process can be extensive. House clearances are one of our specialisms, including properties where there are extreme levels of waste to deal with. We have experience in clearances involving bodily fluids, sharps, and crime scenes. We utilise professional-grade pressure washing equipment and return properties to a habitable or usable level.

COVID-19 Cleaning

While COVID-19 is not considered the threat it once was, it hasn’t gone away. All businesses should consider an outbreak of Coronavirus as a significant issue. You should take appropriate action and therefore, contact professional Coronavirus cleaning professionals to ensure your premises is safe. Our teams regularly carry out COVID-19 sanitisation, and we work with you to get your premises to a safe standard. We can also advise the type of cleaning service you require dependent on business size and circumstances.

Mitar Environmental Services Scotland

Our range of services develops year on year to ensure we give our customers everything they need. We are always willing to consider work relating to our core services and look forward to hearing your requirements. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.