The rate of Coronavirus in Scotland and the regulation around the virus is regularly updated. We still need to be vigilant. In the colder months when viruses are most dangerous this is especially possible. Keeping on top of virus control in Scotland requires input from all people using any premises. Coronavirus is still with us and will be for a long time, even longer if we don’t practice the best hygiene and cleaning commitments.

Coronavirus is very easily passed from people to surfaces. This makes it extra important to have a clean work environment at all times. Regular disinfection and sanitisation is essential for the modern workplace. High-touch areas such as door handles, desks and telephones require close attention and regular cleaning too.

As experienced cleaning professionals, regularly providing COVID cleaning and virus control in Scotland, we’ve put together some tips for keeping on top of essential cleaning.

Stock up on Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser stations have become the norm almost everywhere we go. They should remain so. Keeping good stock of hand sanitiser and ensuring your stations are always well-stocked and there is good availability in toilets too tells your staff your commitment to cleanliness remains strong. Regular sanitiser stations tell all visitors to your premises you are committed to a clean workspace and also encourages them to keep on top of their hand hygiene.

Regular Workplace Cleaning

Keeping the government’s regulations in mind, regular workplace cleaning must continue to the same high standard, if not higher. Failure to keep on top of regular cleans means there is a higher risk of viruses spreading. This in turn impacts your staff absence rates and business productivity. High-touch items should be cleaned as regularly as possible and include items and surfaces such as light switches, control panels, keyboard, kettles and taps. Providing antibacterial wipes around the office can encourage your employees to keep on top of their personal station.

Commercial Coronavirus Cleaning

If someone in your workplace has a positive COVID test, then involving professional cleaners makes good business sense. To keep on top of virus control in Scotland we work with many businesses to provide comprehensive misting services. This ensures every element of a business’ premises is fully cleaned and sanitised. A single case of Coronavirus spreads very quickly as we have seen over the past two years. If you are unfortunate to have an outbreak in your workplace, it is essential you take the necessary steps to be safe before you reopen.

Mitar Environmental Services are on hand if you need a deep clean to get your business back up and running after a COVID-19 outbreak. We can also help with regular, large-scale sanitisation. Just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash