Keeping your business germ and virus free is particularly important in the wake of COVID-19. Professional COVID cleaning in Scotland helps ensure your business is safe for your employees and customers. The range of different COVID cleaning services helps to ensure you have easy access to the level of cleaning you need dependent on your circumstances.

At Mitar Environmental Service we offer a range of specialised cleaning services including COVID cleaning in Scotland. We work effectively and utilise specialised cleaning equipment and the correct PPE to ensure the highest standards of cleaning at all times. Let’s look more closely at the different COVID cleaning services available.

Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Services

We all know that Coronavirus is highly infectious. We also know it can pass on easily via contaminated surfaces and touch points. This makes cleaning the most commonly touched surfaces vitally important. However, with professional deep cleaning services you can expect more than a basic level of cleaning. Deep cleaning with Coronavirus in mind ensures all surfaces and equipment are thoroughly cleaned in-depth. Every element of a space will be fully cleaned and with COVID-19 in mind, your cleaning partner may choose to use steam fogging equipment for thorough sanitisation of every element of the workspace.

Covid-19 Fogging

The fogging machines used in COVID cleaning have become recognisable. The prevalence of COVID meant fogging became a common occurrence to ensure the full removal of the virus in any space before using it again. Steam fogging machines deliver sanitisation and also disinfection across vast areas. They work quickly and efficiently and ensure every surface is fully cleaned. Most fogging machines also use specialised antimicrobial surface treatment. These treatments can be highly effective against COVID-19 and other viruses. Furthermore, some offer up to 60 days effectiveness against viruses.

Fogging machines produce a consistent, large volume of fine mist which lands on all surfaces, hard and soft, within your premises. The COVID fogging process helps ensure a more complete clean and can keep a premises disinfected for longer periods.

Covid-19 Sanitisation

Ensuring your premises is fully cleaned and safe for reopening after an outbreak of COVID is vital. You should not invite people back in unless you are sure it is safe. At Mitar Environmental Services we help businesses across the country ensure they are fully clean and sanitised. We also provide high levels of professional COVID cleaning in Scotland. Get in touch today to find out more.

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