Now more than ever before, it is essential you know how to protect against infection. Virus and infection control are closely linked with cleaning sanitising and disinfecting but do you truly know the difference? You will find some people use the terms interchangeably but as specialists in the sector, we’re here to define the differences so you truly understand what’s what.

Defining Cleaning

Cleaning refers to the straightforward process of removing visible dirt, dust and soil from the surfaces. Cleaning usually involves the use of solvents, soap or detergents as well as a cloth or wipe. On its own, cleaning will not skill or remove bacteria or viruses. This does not mean it is not essential. Carry out all your cleaning tasks before any sanitising or disinfecting. This ensures the additional tasks are more effective too.

 Understanding Sanitisation

Sanitising reduces the volume of bacteria on any given surface. It doesn’t kill or destroy said bacteria. Sanitising doesn’t kill or destroy viruses either. It will cut the volume of bacteria to a safe level, allowing it to meet public health requirements. Sanitising products are commonplace in food businesses, where food contact surfaces need to be cleaned but you don’t want to use harsh chemicals which may contaminate the food. If you do opt to use a sanitiser in a food environment, check it is food safe in advance.

What is Disinfecting?

Disinfecting kills both the bacteria and the viruses written on its label. Sometimes the disinfectant will inactive the bacteria or virus, rather than kill it completely. Disinfectants need to be used if you want to eliminate a virus or stop bacteria spreading. Each individual disinfectant has specific viruses it can kill so checking out the labelling is essential.

Not every virus can be destroyed by every disinfectant, and we’ve found in the time of COVID-19 that only certain disinfectants work. Some disinfectants are also food safe but, as already mentioned, you must always read the label.

Comprehensive Cleaning Sanitising and Disinfecting for your Business

At Mitar Environmental Services we provide a variety of comprehensive cleaning for businesses. We can deal with waste and cleaning of all types and have experience in even the most extreme situations including crime scenes, handling sharps, and dealing with bodily fluids. Our teams understand the difference between each of these elements of the cleaning process and ensure everything is complete for a comprehensive clean.

If you want to find out more about our services simply get in touch with the team.