Any pest problem becomes a thing of the past with our pest control services. At Mitar Environmental Services we have been delivering pest control services in Scotland since 2003. We offer swift and effective solutions to all pest problems and will work with you to ensure any problem is quickly dealt with. From unwanted birds to wasp’s nests and cockroaches to rodents, we have experience in dealing with every kind of pest.

Our highly trained and experience pest control technicians have a range of solutions for every kind of situation. We are members of the BPCA and accredited by both CEPA & Safe Contractor. Our pest control services ensure you have a solution to the problem, and we can also put deterrents in place to avoid them returning at a later date.

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are the most common pests, but other rodents such as squirrels can also pose a problem. Dealing with rodents is about more than removing them your premises. You may also need to consider your business operations, look at your cleanliness and we may also offer some deterrent measures. To fully deal with the rodent infestation it is important to find their access points and we make sure to fully assess your premises and block any access points so the problem cannot return.

Bird Control

Birds often pose more significant risk to your business than you may think. Furthermore, their dropping can be a significant health hazard and need to be dealt with efficiently. Control options for birds can be complex as they have legal protection. However, our specialists know what measures are both legal and effective.

Insect Control

Insects can be damaging to your business and its reputation. They may simply be causing a nuisance but in most instances, they also pose a threat to health. An uncontrolled insect infestation could result in the closure of your business. We can deal with infestations of all sizes and types, from single wasp’s nests to ant colonies. We can also supply the correct deterrents including fly screens and strip curtains.

Pest Control Services in Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services can provide pest control services to business in all industries across Scotland. Our pest control experts ensure your problem is swiftly dealt with. Furthermore, our measures are designed to ensure the problem does not return. Contact us today to find out more about our full range of pest control services.