A reliable pest control company is vital for any business as pests can turn up in any environment. Choosing a pest control company based in Scotland is vital for companies across the country so they can get quick and reactive service when they need it. Mitar Environmental Services provide pest control services to businesses and homeowners across Scotland. Finding the right pest control service is important to ensure you get a reliable level of service. Here we’re looking more closely at what to look for when choosing a pest control company based in Scotland.

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

The first thing to check once you’ve found a pest controller is their accreditations and memberships. There are governing bodies that accredit companies in pest control. In the UK, you should look for a company that is a member of the British Pest Control Association. Mitar Environmental Services are members of the BPCA. We are also accredited by CEPA, the European pest management services trade association.


You may be happy partnering with a new pest control company but most people want someone who has at least some experience. You may also want to find someone who specialises in a particular type of pest, especially if it is unusual or uncommon. Mitar Environmental Services have been providing high quality pest control in Scotland since 2003. We have many years’ experience dealing with almost every kind of pest you can imagine and work efficiently to ensure our customers are pest free as quickly as possible.

Recommendations and Reviews

Lots of people find the services they use through recommendations. You may be able to access a network of businesses or even friends and family who can vouch for or recommend a pest control company. You can also explore reviews online. Many organisations are registered with Trustpilot or you can explore their reviews simply via Google.

Mitar Environmental Services: Pest Control Company Based in Scotland

Any organisation or individual looking for a quick and efficient solution to their pest problem can get in touch with our team. We work in towns and cities around Scotland, providing pest management services for residential and business properties. Furthermore, we can provide deterrents and advise on ways of ensuring your pest problem does not return. Get in touch today and our team will quickly arrange an appointment to discuss your pest problem.

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