Birds pose much more of a health risk than many people realise. They can also cause damage to your property and create a nuisance in several different ways. Wild birds of all species may be carrying several dangerous diseases. They can attract other pests too, and the bird removal Glasgow businesses and residents need will ensure bird control is a safe and stress-free process. Bird control and bird removal can be complex. Different solutions may work for different species of birds and premises. Therefore, you must work with professionals to deal with a bird problem, such as our team at Mitar Environmental Services.

Are all birds pests?

Any bird that causes a problem for your business is a pest. However, handling these pests has to be done carefully. All birds are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Removing them has to be done in line with the law.

Some businessowners choose to obtain specific licenses to allow for the control of birds but you may find you need to regularly update the license and this can get expensive and difficult. Working with our experts helps to ensure you are operating in line with the latest legislation.. Furthermore, our experienced teams are up to date with all relevant legislation and the latest pest control measures. This also includes specific information relating to birds, to guarantee they are dealt with legally.

What problems can birds cause?

Pest birds can negatively impact your business in many ways. They can be a genuine public health hazard and can damage your property.

Some of the most frequently found bird-related issues include the damage that bird droppings can cause. Bird droppings can cause damage to your building and they can also contaminate water and other stored products, risking the spread of disease. Droppings can also become a trip hazard if they land on footpaths or driveways. The biggest issue you’ll find with bird droppings is the diseases they carry and anywhere they land could quickly become contaminated.

As well as the risks that come from bird droppings, some businessowners may find birdsong, calls and general noise is also disruptive.

Dealing with your bird problem requires the help of professionals. For the bird removal, Glasgow needs, Mitar are here.

Control methods for bird removal Glasgow

We ensure our teams have the experience and training to deal with birds in all business and residential environments. Our experts are used to dealing with problem birds of different species and in different areas. The teams have a wide range of solutions and techniques for bird removal.

We will arrange an initial appointment with you and then discuss and assess your problem. We can then design and implement an effective bird control and deterrent system. It may incorporate spikes, wires, netting, laser deterrent technology, and also bio-acoustic technology. The right solution for your business is not something we can necessarily tell you without seeing your premises. We will work with you to design a system that suits your business and keeps the birds at bay.

Contact our team today to learn more about the bird removal solutions available.

Image source: Pexels