While ants may not seem like a significant problem for your business, they can pose a problem if not dealt with quickly The ant infestation Scotland and its businesses experiences may be worse in summer but effectively dealing with an ant problem is vital before it becomes more significant.

Ant Control for Businesses

Ants are much more than just a nuisance if you find them in your commercial business premises. They can very quickly cause financial problems and impact your business’ reputation. Furthermore, if your business is in food or hospitality then the problem is even more significant. Businesses such as pubs, hotels, warehouses and outbuildings that store food and other goods are particularly at risk from ant infestation. High standards of hygiene are vital for ensuring ants do not become a problem. Without appropriate ant control you may find your business suffers from:

Waste Issues

Contaminated food and damaged products can not be sold or used, wasting your stock and therefore your money and resources.

Health Concerns

While ants do not have a significant impact on human health they can carry pathogens. Furthermore, people spotting ants on your premises will see them as a sign of your commitment to hygiene and cleanliness. They will not consider your business safe for future visits.

Reputational Damage

Your reputation is tied to how people perceive your business. If they visit your site and find ants crawling around, it will not do your reputation any good.

Combatting Ant Infestation Scotland

Working with professional pest control experts is the most effective way to deal with ant infestation. At Mitar Environmental Services we employ only BPCA qualified technicians who are experienced in dealing with many different kinds of ant species. Once called, we’ll quickly visit your premises and provide recommendations for treatment plans to eradicate the problem. It may be possible to clear up the issue in a single visit or you may need us to return, it will depend upon the severity of the infestation. We can also help with preventative measures and discuss options to ensure you do not have to deal with any ant problems in the future.

Pest Control in Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services provide pest control services tailored to individual businesses. We can help with ant infestations and any kind of pest problem, with specialists trained in every type of problem. Simply get in touch and we’ll arrange an appointment to suit you.

Image source: pexels