pests go, ants may not seem like the worst. However, their presence can swiftly escalate into a significant problem if not quickly addressed. The challenge of ant infestation in Scotland’s commercial spaces can intensify, particularly during the summer months. Therefore, you must address the problem promptly, and we recommend bringing in the professionals.

Ant Infestation: A Seasonal Problem

Ants are not something anyone wants to see on their business premises. While they can become a problem at any time of the year, they become more prominent in the summer. This is especially true for businesses that serve or handle food.

High cleanliness and hygiene standards are vital for any business involved with food and not dealing with an ant infestation effectively can quickly lead to any number of problems including:

Waste: Contaminated food and drink products become unsellable, resulting in wastage of stock, resources, and cash.

Health Hazards: While ants might not pose substantial threats to human health, they can carry pathogens. Additionally, ants on your premises can be perceived as a reflection of your cleanliness. Visitors may not return if they see ants everywhere.

Reputational damage: Your business’s reputation is closely intertwined with public perception. If customers encounter ants scuttling around during their visit, your establishment’s reputation might suffer a blow.

Strategies for Ant Infestations in Scotland

Engaging with professional pest control experts is the best way to tackle ant infestations. At Mitar Environmental Services, we employ BPCA-certified technicians, with extensive experience in dealing with ants.

We promptly dispatch our experts to assess your premises and design a treatment plan to address the issue. Sometimes we eliminate the problem in a single visit, or we could need multiple visits depending severity of the infestation.

Furthermore, our services extend beyond the elimination of the problem, we can also advise on the best preventative measures to avoid the problem returning.

Tailored Pest Control Solutions for Scotland

Mitar Environmental Services offers professional pest control services across Scotland. We support businesses with every kind of pest issue including ant infestations at the height of summer or any time of the year.

Our team has been offering high-quality environmental services and pest control for many years and operate around Scotland. We employ highly experienced and qualified pest controllers to ensure each job is completed fully. If you have an ant problem or are dealing with any kind of pests, don’t hesitate to get in touch and book an initial appointment with our team.